The aim of Yun Free Stock Photos

For the children 1000 years from now

The aim of this site

All the photographs on this site are taken, edited, and managed by Tomo Yun alone. I will explain why I maintain the site.

For the children 1000 years from now

Digital photographs do not deteriorate. Even after 1000 years, a person still can enjoy the original beauty contained in the photograph, unchanged. My goal is to preserve and to showcase the splendid cultures, people, and beauty of the Earth so even children who are born in the 31st century will be able to appreciate the wonders of today. I cannot imagine what the world of the 31st century may be like, but for the children, I want them to see the beautiful energy of today’s world. Such is my wish and my goal.

Preserving the value and the beauty of the photos for 1000 years

One thousand years is equivalent to 40 generations. Because I intend to bring photos to those who live 40 generations from now, I must put great thought into the pictures so each one contributes as much as possible to future generations of viewers. Each generation should work to do the same. I take photos very seriously, and I put great thought into each picture. Because of the historical value of the pictures, each one must be of the highest quality. I use only the best cameras, and I do not make compromises in quality. Therefore, I use the highest resolutions possible, for example over 60,000 pixels.

Feedback and support

Please participate so our society is sutainable and our children can live well even 1000 years from now. If you wish to participate, please let others know about this site. Please also send feedback, support, and opinions to me via email at: